Why I’m Quitting Sugar…Again

Anyone that knows me personally or knows of me via an online presence, might know that I love me some damn food. They might also know that because of my love of food, I struggle with my weight. I’ve found myself on the right track so many times only to fall the eff back off. I’m constantly saying “this time is different” and rightfully so, because it IS different, but I always end up losing steam. I don’t want that anymore. After facing what I believe was a mild depression and the possibility of losing control over my mind (my favorite part of me), I decided that I want to get right and stay right. I had so many signals coming my way today via Styles P on The Breakfast Club, my guy Brix’s IG page and a close friend whom I had a conversation with. I cannot fail this time. I’m putting all my shit on front street. If you’d like to hear me put it all out there, tune in:

Here’s the article I talked about in the show:¬†http://www.eatthis.com/foods-make-anxiety-worse

Here’s the interview with Dr. Tarman that I mentioned as well:¬†emaradio.com/vera

And here’s the steps I mentioned that I’m taking to stay away from sugar:

1 – Not bringing money with me to work

2 – Meal prepping (so I can afford to not bring money with me to work)

3 – Throwing out all the junk in the crib (to the dismay of my family)

4 – Podcasting every day to hold myself accountable