Success is Boring!

Success is not pretty and flashy as some would have you believe. It’s boring. It’s tiring. It’s not sexy. It’s hard af…but it’s worth it. In this episode, I just vent a little because I think some people need to hear that. Tune in if you want to hear a good message today.

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What Exactly I Mean By “Sugar”

Every episode, I always talk about not eating sugar, but I’ve never specified what those foods actually are. In this episode, I list off all the foods that I’ve cut out of my diet.
If you’re also on this journey, let me know what foods you don’t eat.

Here’s the coconut palm sugar I spoke about.

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I Survived The Wedding

In the last show, I gave out strategies you can use when attending an event after JUST starting a new diet. I used some of the strategies and they worked! Tune in to get a very brief update and hopefully a spark of motivation (the whole reason I do this show). It was a very short episode, but hopefully the message shines through.

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How To Survive An Event When You’re On A New Diet

I’m going to a wedding tomorrow, but I’ve been avoiding sugar. Really, I’m staying away from sugar, flour and alcohol. I’m sure these three things will be in full force at the wedding. In this episode I spoke about some things I plan to do in order to avoid screwing up my diet. I share these in hopes that maybe you can try them too. If you’ve just started on a course to change your life for the better, but you don’t want to throw it all away at an event, then this episode is for you.
Tune in!

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I’m Tracking My Time

Start with the WINS!
That’s what I did in this episode (and I’ll probably keep it up going forward). I shared the wins I had on my 2nd day of not eating any sugar.

I also talked about a podcast episode of Pat Flynn’s that I listened to today. He interviewed Jessica Turner who spoke about using your time wisely. She has three kids, a spouse, a full time career and a business…I had to take what she said seriously.

Tune in.

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Why I’m Quitting Sugar…Again

Anyone that knows me personally or knows of me via an online presence, might know that I love me some damn food. They might also know that because of my love of food, I struggle with my weight. I’ve found myself on the right track so many times only to fall the eff back off. I’m constantly saying “this time is different” and rightfully so, because it IS different, but I always end up losing steam. I don’t want that anymore. After facing what I believe was a mild depression and the possibility of losing control over my mind (my favorite part of me), I decided that I want to get right and stay right. I had so many signals coming my way today via Styles P on The Breakfast Club, my guy Brix’s IG page and a close friend whom I had a conversation with. I cannot fail this time. I’m putting all my shit on front street. If you’d like to hear me put it all out there, tune in:

Here’s the article I talked about in the show:

Here’s the interview with Dr. Tarman that I mentioned as well:

And here’s the steps I mentioned that I’m taking to stay away from sugar:

1 – Not bringing money with me to work

2 – Meal prepping (so I can afford to not bring money with me to work)

3 – Throwing out all the junk in the crib (to the dismay of my family)

4 – Podcasting every day to hold myself accountable


S1E10: Redesigning Your World with Taylor and Cozette of BCCI Interiors

In this episode Rozay joined me to hang out with two fun and energetic women who are passionate about what they do. I’m talking about Taylor Bastiand and Cozette Conway. Two thirds of the BCCI Interiors crew.

Taylor Bastiand
cozette conway
Cozette Conway

Taylor and Cozette shared their stories and we discussed their thoughts on many topics pertaining to their industry. If you’re in the interior decorating/realtor industry or community, I absolutely encourage you to listen to this. If you’re not in either of those industries, I’d still recommend it because the ladies were good sports. We had a great time.

Tune in to get some knowledge.

-Big Therm – @ema_therm on IG


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Caribbean Culture in Business with Kerry-Ann from the Carry on Friends Podcast

My guest on this episode of the show is Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown. She stopped by to chat about her passion for helping those like her (Caribbean Americans) in life and business. She has made it very clear that she wants to do great things and she wants to help others do great things as well. She’s a wealth of knowledge and has a great spirit (I can tell). Tune in to hear about Kerry, her business and how she can help you level up.

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The N Word in the Workplace with Khadeesi and Strokes from The Black Table Podcast

So I was listening to one of my regular podcasts and the topic was about the N word. They were explaining a situation where someone wrote it on a whiteboard where they WORK! At the time, I didn’t realize they were talking about the workplace. I decided I HAD to get them on the show to find out more.

So Strokes and Khadeesi agreed to come on the show and break it down. It was a good convo and I think you’ll enjoy it. Tune in to see what’s good.

-Big Therm – @ema_therm on IG

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